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Music Instruction and Coaching

Quality Music Instruction and Coaching for Individuals, Families, and Professional Performers

Music Theory is often taught in a very dry, boring manner that seems divorced from real music.  It doesn’t have to be!  Laura teaches theory in an engaging manner that truly relates it to the music you’re playing.  It makes more sense this way. It’s easier to learn and assimilate when the music you hear and play is connected to the theory you’re learning.

"If we had to pay by the results instead of the hour, we couldn’t afford her!" ~ parent of a student

Laura Offers a wide variety of instruction tailored to help you achieve your goals.  She's dependable, friendly and committed to your musical success.

  • Voice Lessons - Learn to sing joyfully with your natural voice.
  • Piano Lessons - Piano instruction for traditional and non-traditional style learning at an affordable price.  All ages welcome.




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