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Voice Lessons

Voice lessons with Laura Cunard

We learn to sing and speak from hearing those around us.  The cultural voice changes from region to region, which explains why folks around the world, and even around the country, speak and sing differently.  Learning to sing from the “true voice” by allowing cultural habits to fall away is a wonderful way to experience your richest, most beautiful voice.  The singing and speaking voice becomes balanced, pleasant, and never strained. Range, power, and confidence increases.  Children and Adults can both benefit from voice lessons with Laura.

Some folks have a mistaken belief that they can’t sing “on pitch”.  This is caused by a few issues, including incorrect technique from tension.  Often, folks just need a chance to “calibrate” their voice with a patient guide.  Once you learn to completely relax the voice, and gain experience learning how it “feels” to sing on pitch, you’ll find your confidence soaring.

Anyone who speaks for a living (teachers, professional speakers, etc.) can benefit greatly from vocal lessons.  Learning to “allow” the voice, rather than “projecting” the voice enables one to speak for longer periods of time without straining the voice, while still maintaining volume necessary to be heard.  The body is a marvelous instrument.  Instead of fighting, you can allow it to work FOR you!

What people are saying

"Since beginning vocal work with Laura several years ago, I have accomplished more than I dreamed possible. With Laura’s instruction and mentoring I have become a musician with a richer, fuller voice and range. I understand bandstand etiquette and survival, and I’m able to communicate effectively with other musicians. Most importantly, I am now accomplishing my dream of performing regularly with Portland’s finest Jazz Musicians."   Heather Keizur, Jazz Vocalist

"Laura is a highly gifted and energetic singer/pianist who has a unique ability to charm an audience.   She has a huge repertoire of standards and pop tunes and is supremely entertaining."  Tom Grant

"Laura has everything you could ask for in a vocal coach.  She not only knows her trade inside and out, but provides inspiration, encouragement, and instruction that improve both vocal technique and the mind state of a true performer.  She helped me find my true natural voice that is so easy to use.  I’ll never go back to my old way of singing!" Shekinah Langford

Topics covered in sessions include:

  • Natural Vocal Technique
  • Ear Training
  • Musicianship
  • Mic Technique
  • Bandstand Etiquette
  • Music Theory
  • Jazz Theory and Harmony
  • Sight Reading
  • Performance
  • Improvisation
  • College Prep
  • Audition and Contest Prep




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